Strategic Packages

Strategic Impact

How would your organization benefit by having its current talent more fully utilized and aligned with strategic direction and mission?

A lack of understanding of the direction – as well as being excluded from shaping it – leads to higher levels of disengagement for most employees in many organizations.

At Emergent, our comprehensive “full systems” approach to strategic thinking, planning, and deployment creates trust, commitment, and accountability to a shared vision.

We facilitate a comprehensive process of strategic thinking, planning, and communicating, and also provide the one-on-one and team coaching that maintains momentum and builds the skills and agility necessary to execute the strategy effectively.

A Strategic Impact package would likely include Strategic HR, Strategic Planning Facilitation, Dynamic Team Transformation, and group and one-on-one coaching.

Leadership Transformation

Engagement is directly connected to the quality of leadership at all levels of your organization. Employees’ experience of their work is most directly affected by interactions with their immediate supervisor – this sets the stage.

Leaders will learn how to create relationships for inquiry, learning, and doing that engage individuals and teams at all levels in dialogue that generates possibilities and results. They will learn how to compassionately provide support and hold their employees accountable, allowing their employees to operate at their full potential.

A Leadership Transformation package would likely include Emergent Leader, Emotional Intelligence, Leaders as Coach, and one-on-one coaching.

Dynamic Team Transformation

What would improve in your organization through more dynamic and collaborative teams?

We take a group of people and truly create/develop a team capable of achieving and exceeding their goals. We focus our efforts on high leverage, highly visible strategic projects and goals.

True immersion around an important complex problem, coupled with proven “how to” operating ground rules to guide a team, creates sustainable, engaged performance. Team coaching throughout the project ensures high performance of both individuals and the team.

A Dynamic Team Transformation package would likely include Dynamic Team Training, Consulting, and group and one-on-one coaching.