Mastering and Scaling Your Leadership

Emergent’s team of professional coaches partners with leaders to explore their effectiveness by uncovering habits of thought, development challenges, and vision for their leadership.

Our one-on-one leadership development coaching provides the space for exploration and experimentation. Each leader is supported in learning sustainable methods for improving and scaling their leadership.

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Emergent's process includes following key elements for discovery, exploration, and transformation.


Life story and goals. This part of the process helps leaders make a stronger connection between their habits of thought and patterns of behavior. By shining a light on life shaping experiences and goals, we can partner to make resourceful shifts in thinking, consciousness and behavior.


Emergent’s extensive library of assessments helps provide clarity for leaders around preferences, belief systems, and perspectives on how others are experiencing their leadership. These assessments provide valuable insights and information for reflection and change.


Alignment Meeting

The triad meeting ensures that both the coach and client understand what the organization needs most from the leader, to ensure that our coaching work is aligned with those desires.

Master Mind Support

Our vast network of leaders affords you the opportunity to be in collaboration with other leaders from various regions and industries working in harmony to discover best practices that will scale your leadership.

Zero Obligation. No Commitment.
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“A Definite Investment that Anyone Should Make in Their Business”

"There are programs that are out there that are very cookie cutter ... That's where it works for us with Emergent, we sit down and make sure they know who we really are and what we're trying to achieve. I find it a highly valuable program at all levels of the organization and I think it's a definite invesment that anyone should make in their business."

Rob Hack
President & CEO | HealtheConnections
Syracuse, NY