Why Your Employees Aren’t Engaged

No, it’s not all leadership’s fault; however, as leaders, knowing WHY they are disengaged and HOW to help them shift to highly engaged is your responsibility.

Disengagement, at best, leads to employees leaving your organization. Why do we say “at best”? Because despite the high costs associated with turnover, the costs associated with disengaged employees remaining in the organization are astronomical. These costs include lack of productivity and innovation, giving your competitors an advantage – and that cost could be catastrophic.

Being more fully engaged means employees’ needs are met, which allows them to meet (and often exceed) the needs of the organization. Engaged employees provide the “extra” effort organizations and leaders value, and keeps the advantage where it belongs. With you.

Making Empowering Hand-offs

Think Empowerment, Not Delegation.

Growing your team and your leadership is largely about how you share and handle work projects and tasks. As a leader, we need to inspire and trust our team members; as team members, we need someone who will champion our efforts and believe we can do and give so much more in our work.  We can help you learn how to make clear and productive handoffs, and more importantly, to understand how delegation of tasks can empower and drive the potential of the individuals and teams you lead as well as other departments and peers you interact with.

It’s Not Working Because…

We are hoping that the next book, seminar, or vacation will somehow be the answer to whatever ails us. But we come to learn that they are not. We are looking for answers outside of self, that never did or never will exist. We are unconsciously taking our cues from others without examining whether or not those maps are resourceful for us.

“We do the dance that we’ve been shown
From everyone we’ve ever known
Until the dance becomes”

Because we are immersed in the way things are, and how we do things, up to 95% of the time we are on automatic pilot, things that we do often become less effective and resourceful, long before we notice. Dated paradigms and cutesy phrases or sayings drive our thoughts and actions. For example:

  • Put your nose to grindstone.
  • The early bird gets the worm.
  • The harder I work the luckier I become.
  • I have plenty of time to rest when I am dead.

During this 1-hour Leadership Roundtable Webinar, we explore what’s working and not working for each of us and have the courage to intentionally change those things that are no longer serving us.

Hosted by Ralph Simone.

Performance Management that Works

Imagine conducting performance reviews that are not only effective but engaging – reviews that are embraced by every leader and employee in your organization.

Impossible? Not in our experience.

The key is continual open dialogue. Very different than the typical annual event, effective performance management reviews are less about the paperwork and more about the quality of the dialogue between leaders and employees. The infrastructure and assets that support this dynamic are important and must be culturally relevant to the organization, but even more important is the ability to listen deeply and to receive and provide meaningful feedback.

Your Best Year Ever

Here they come, the Big Three: holidays, year-end, and goal planning for next year. This time of year we tend to focus on others’ needs, often to the detriment of our own. We sacrifice sleep, exercise, healthy meals, and necessary down time for the do, do, do, go, go, go of the season. Have you started thinking about your goals for next year? Did you get to that bucket list item this year?  Are you still carrying around the 10-20 pounds you swore you’d finally get rid of?  Still double/triple-booking your outlook calendar? Never got to the book you wanted to read?  Forgot a loved one’s birthday (again)?  Can’t quite master the confidence to have an honest conversation?  Now is the time to take charge!  Join our webinar and get an early start on preparing for your best year ever. Here’s what you will accomplish in 60 minutes that will guarantee a strong start Monday January 1, 2018:

  • Four things you can do in less than 30 minutes to plan for your best year ever
  • Let go of three commitments that are getting in the way of your potential
  • Create a clear vision of what you will say yes to and what you will say no to in 2018

High Performing Teams

Most teams are fragile by nature – they rarely get out of the conflict stage of development and ultimately become dysfunctional, adversely impacting morale and sub-optimizing overall team performance and organizational results. Join this webinar to learn what it means to be a high-performing team. Our dialogue will focus on:

  • Why organizations rarely achieve authentic teamwork
  • What group norms contribute to the most effective teams
  • How anyone, whether a team member or team leader, can contribute to the quality of how teams function


Take the opportunity to discover your true, authentic self and move your life from being just satisfied to a life of total fulfillment. Continue the journey of becoming more attuned with your true self while becoming more aware of what brings you joy,  right where you are now.
We will explore the concept of slowing down and creating more “space for grace,” a place that enables us to access intuition, inspiration, and intention.
Awakening breaks us out of the coma of ordinary consciousness and enables us to see things, others, and ourselves from a clearer and more objective lens which frees us from the unnecessary burdens allowing us to create at a higher level.