Meet the Team

Our people are passionate about change and have impacted businesses at all levels. Every Emergent consultant is carefully selected for his or her expertise, professionalism and, above all, integrity.

Our consultants will create a learning contract with participants from your organization, setting out the objectives, measures, and milestones. Throughout the engagement, an Emergent relationship manager will remain in contact with your organization to ensure that your expectations are being fully met.

Cathy Gaynor

With more than fifteen years of committed energy and focus on the growth of our organization, my role as partner with Emergent has continued to evolve to include lead architect, the creator of your process, the program designer that will pave the path for your company’s leadership development program. For the past several years, I have also served our clients as a Certified Coach. Working as part of our Emergent team, I have facilitated our signature LeadFORWARD program, while also working individually as a private leadership development coach. I work with clients to navigate the course direction and develop customized solutions that address their needs. I am passionate about building long-term client relationships founded on trust and integrity.I launched my lifelong learning journey in Central New York, earning my associate degree from Onondaga Community College and both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Education from SUNY Oswego. The education I received provided me with the opportunity to develop in various management roles for several successful CNY-based companies before partnering with Emergent.

In addition to my family (husband Tim and daughter Meghan) and professional commitments, I enjoy giving back to my community. I am currently serving on the CNY ATD (Association for Talent Development) committee for the CNY Best Award and served on the board of the YWCA for six years.  I also worked with Junior Achievement on the Young Women Symposium, and appreciate that these community organizations focus on helping women grow and achieve healthy relationships with work, home and community. Other organizations to which I contribute my time and talents include Father Champlin’s Guardian Angel Society and Paige’s Butterfly Run.

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Credentials and Certifications
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Energy Leadership Index Practitioner
  • Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) Korn Ferry


Special Skills
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Development and Marketing
  • Relationship Management

Ralph Simone


Ralph Simone has spent over a quarter of a century helping individuals and organizations transform themselves, raise their consciousness, and perform at their fullest potential.

As a Black Belt in karate and an avid reader, Ralph understands the benefits of consistent practice and continuous learning as an integral part of leadership development.

He received his B.B.A. from Siena College in 1979 with a major in accounting. He is a Certified Professional Coach, specializing in leadership and organizational effectiveness, and has amassed over 15,000 paid client coaching hours. Additionally, he holds the following certifications:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Facilitator
  • Emotional and Social Competency Inventory
  • Leadership Agility
  • Leadership Development Framework
  • COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist
  • Leadership Circle Profile

An accomplished writer and sought-after speaker, Ralph is currently writing a book entitled “Transforming: A Leader’s Guide to Integrated Intelligence.” He also published “Making It Stick” and “The Daily Re-Tweet.”

See Ralph's TEDx talk here.

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Bill Berthel

After 25 years of various leadership roles in manufacturing, I found my calling in the world of professional coaching. Like most people, I started with a job which lead me to a career, but that career was not fulfilling; for many years I envied those who knew and lived their purpose. I am fortunate that I ultimately found my purpose, and I am also aware of the very real challenges that exist in that pursuit.

HR management was my last career before discovering my path in the area of “people potential” - development, training and coaching. I learned at that time that when people lean into discovering their highest potential - and can then find their true paths - nothing stops them! I am honored to guide and facilitate so many talented and passionate people in that pursuit.

My education in psychology and HR management, combined with my practical and rich experience in manufacturing and several not-for-profit leadership roles, allow me unique opportunities to practice the skill of universally relating with others. I have witnessed this skill in others and found it to be one of the most valued attributes in a leader, and in fact my TEDx presentation, “Keep it Real,” is devoted to the ability to relate to everyone – regardless of perspectives or belief systems.

As a continuous learner, I enjoy several pastimes that require creativity and intellect. Playing guitar and writing energize my language and composition skill development, while woodworking and fly-tying stretch my creativity, engineering and entomology knowledge and abilities. Most important in my life, however, is my family. Being a husband and father are my most cherished roles, and remain the areas in which I learn and grow the most so that I can be the best I can possibly be.

Credentials and Certifications:
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Capella University: BSS Psychology Minor Studies in HR Management
  • Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner
  • NY State Notary Public
  • Contributor to several ASTM Standards
  • Oneonta TEDx 2017
Special Skills:
  • Engaging Group Facilitator
  • Executive and HR Leadership Coaching
  • HR Strategic Partner & Consultation
  • Leadership and Team Development

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Cindy Masingill

When people in any workplace have the opportunity to pursue their greatest potential, their work becomes meaningful. That’s why I chose this field of leadership development: leaders create the conditions for others to grow, expand, and thrive.

My values were shaped early in life as I took on responsibilities that most don’t begin to think about until adulthood. The lessons I learned then played out later in the real world in technology sales management, where I was successful based on my desire, determination, optimism, and willingness to learn. I learned the importance of seeking mentorship opportunities and of setting goals that stretched me. I also learned the value of failure (and success), and the impact of strong leadership. I learned that honing communication and relationship-building skills is a journey without a destination—there’s always more to learn and perfect.

As my business expertise grew, so did my entrepreneurial aspirations. Success in the tech industry led me to launch Bounce Technologies in 2001. I was energized by creating something from scratch, implementing new strategies, and constantly challenging myself to stay relevant in a tough marketplace.

After eight successful years with Bounce, I directed my energies toward giving back to the community and enhancing my personal fitness. As a board member for Junior Achievement and Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, I focused on new advancement opportunities and business strategies.

A lifetime of learning and the pursuit of improvement led me to leadership and organizational development. I consider myself a lifelong student, and it brings me incredible fulfillment to bring that mindset to my clients. I’m passionate about results. Coaching, training and consulting business leaders at all levels to achieve great things brings me real joy, as does working with teams to achieve their highest performance.

I help leaders and organizations succeed. This is my meaningful work.

Credentials and Certifications:
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • Leadership Agility
  • DiSC
  • Emotional & Social Competency Inventory

Contributor to Central New York Business Journal:

  • “Dear Emergent Leader: This is Your Year”;
  • “You’re in Charge: Now What?”;
  • “Can You Hear Me Now?”
Special Skills:
  • Leadership Development Coaching
  • Training: influence, crucial conversations, fundamental leadership skills, time management, building high performing teams
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Group facilitation

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Jeremiah Poulsen

Local community leaders have the opportunity to change the world. People in any workplace can become agents of positive change and transformation when they choose to influence, with high positive regard for the people on their teams, and in their organization. This is why I chose to devote my best energy to the growth of your leadership capacity and performance.

Using a vast majority of experience gained through executive leadership coaching, organizational development consulting, as well as team and group facilitation, it is a privilege to join the Emergent team alongside these colleagues I respect so highly.

It is a continued honor every time I get to work with leaders to help them recognize the power of their influence, and grow their credibility to achieve what they once thought impossible. My personal affinity toward authenticity, priority of the good of others, and belief that positive transformation is always possible aids my clients in taking their growth and impact to the next level- whatever that may be. My coaching approach and specialized frameworks help leaders develop and flourish through client crafted action plans and accountability. My prospective client is one who is ready to do the work, elevate others above themselves, and believe nothing is impossible.

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Credentials and Certifications
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Leading From Your Strengths
  • SYMBIS facilitator


Special Skills
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Strengths based team development & group facilitation

Tricia Sticca


Tricia Sticca has been honing her leadership development and coaching skills all her life, both in and out of the office. Her intuitive ability to draw the best from those around her served her well in her corporate career. Starting as a sales representative, she eventually graduated to management, eager to provide her colleagues with more direct coaching and support. Soon she began to dream of starting her own coaching business, where she could dedicate more of her energy to developing others. When Emergent conducted some consulting sessions at her company, she modified her dream: Tricia wanted to work for Emergent. So, in an act of calculated impulsiveness, she retired from the corporate world and joined our team in 2023.

In her client work, Tricia acts as dreamer, cheerleader, and connector. She begins a coaching relationship by connecting to the client as a human being; then, on the basis of mutual trust, she is able to connect them to meaningful solutions. Her greatest joy is helping someone see something in themselves they never noticed before. She reminds her clients and colleagues of their own greatness and sets them on a path of greater happiness and success.

A committed coach and genuine team player, Tricia has also used her talents to improve her various communities. She has served on numerous boards and committees focused on leadership development, always guided by the mission of helping people find the leader inside of them. In one instance, Tricia brought more than 3,000 people together for a presentation with Jack Canfield, progenitor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series–a pivotal moment in her community work. She also created a local golf league for women, and is a founding member of her Toastmasters club.

Outside of coaching and serving the community, Tricia “serves the community” as a part-time bartender, a job that allows her to connect with new and old friends every week. She is an avid golfer. But her favorite activity is spending time with her husband of 27 years and her two grown sons, who bring her joy like nothing else in the world.

Credentials and Certifications:

  • 300+ hours of accredited one-on-one coaching
  • Professional Coaching Certification from iPEC (Institute for Professional
  • Excellence in Coaching), an accredited ICF program
  • International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach
  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner
  • E Leadership DynamicsTM Specialist
  • Full Focus Planner Certified Pro
  • Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) trained executive
  • Positive Intelligence Coach

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Erika Davis


I have worn many hats in a varied career that has included entrepreneurship and roles in both corporate and higher education settings. For many years, the idea of becoming a professional coach was a whisper in my ear until five years ago when it became a clear and prominent voice that I was to follow. Like many professional coaches, throughout my career, there has been a common denominator and a desire to help other professionals in their ongoing work/life integration, including helping them to find purpose and success at work. I have also had a passion for transforming businesses into places where people choose to work, play and create. I believe these transformations can only happen one willing leader at a time. My coaching practice has roots in 25 years of business experience and training with iPEC, an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited training program. When I am not working, which I will probably do forever, I love spending time with family and friends, including my two grown daughters. I also enjoy reading, learning, staying active, boating, and traveling. 

Newell Eaton


I have chosen to work developing entrepreneurial leaders, teams and organizations because I believe it’s how I can best make deep and lasting change in the world. I believe that competent leadership in both the private and public sectors is a critical ingredient for creating a healthy sustainable future. To give focused attention to this mission I changed my career in 2004, offering my 35 years of experience as a leader, entrepreneur, and creative change agent to other leaders as an external consultant. During my prior careers I was fortunate to have had success building high performing teams and serving as a strategic thought partner and coach to senior leaders. That experience, along with an ongoing study of research findings on leadership, human performance, innovation, and change provide the basis for my offer.

Since becoming a leadership and organizational development consultant I’ve had the privilege of working with over 50 senior leaders helping them create more entrepreneurial organizations. My aim is to help you develop yourself and your team to grow a flourishing culture of innovation, a culture where people are truly motivated. I have provided executive coaching, team building, leadership training, strategic planning, and facilitation of change projects for leaders from the following fields: computer gaming, bio-tech, venture capital, pharmaceuticals, global HR, artificial intelligence, IT, real estate, and executive search along with a wide mix of not-for-profit, philanthropic, and government organizations.

Having worked extensively in both the private and public sectors I’ve discovered that while systems may be different, leadership and team challenges have universal elements regardless of the type of organization. The need to develop effective communications transcends culture or age. We are all humans with the same fundamental needs.

I’m certified as a coach through the NLP Institute in NYC and continued studies through the Coaching Excellence in Organizations program, a graduate level program for experienced coaches operated by the Newfield Network and the Institute for Generative Leadership. I’ve been on the faculty for many universities and associated programs focused on leadership, creative thinking, coaching, and communications including courses at Rensselaer Poly Tech, St. Rose, the Creative Problem Solving Institute, the International Association of Facilitators, and the American Society of Training and Development.

Winifred de Loayza


My life’s work is helping people create dynamic organizations and communities. This can only be done when people who participate in them grow beyond their “potential,” and then grow some more. Oftentimes we have beliefs and practices that keep us bounded in narrow set of possibilities. We can get caught up in our routines and “truths,” never reaching a stage of alchemy for our enterprises.

Could Gandhi have transformed India without breaking the boundaries of his beliefs about the potential of his nation? Could the Apartheid have fallen with old thinking about the ability of Africans to rule a modern nation? Would the Civil Rights Movement have progressed without Martin Luther King’s dream? These dreams could have been “raisins in the sun” without the actions to drive change. I want to help people to dream about their possibilities and help them to do the hard work of making those dreams realities.

I have worked in a variety of contexts including manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceuticals, electronic games, government and adult education. Corning, Incorporated, Activision Blizzard, Qwest Diagnostics are among my current clients. I also have experience overseas in China, India, Taiwan, England, Germany, Spain and Greece. I was awarded a Master of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction (1975) and a Doctorate in Educational Policies, Programs and Institutions (1978) from the State University of New York at Albany.

I will lovingly engage you in conversations so deep and challenging that your very identity might be forced to step up to the next level of performance. I will help you have the difficult conversations with yourself, your Board, or your staff that you need to have about transforming hope into reality.