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Do You Have a Mission Statement?


Your personal mission statement, core values, and intentions help you determine your direction. Use these high-level concepts to help you choose the activities and responsibilities that are best aligned with the direction you want to take.

Your mission statement should be 1-2 sentences that describe your purpose as it relates to your career and personal life. What drives you? What unique contributions do you bring to the table?

Your core values should consist of approximately 5 character traits, behaviors, or other concepts that resonate strongly with you. If you’re having trouble narrowing these down, ask us for a copy of our Leadership Practice: Defining Your Core Values.

Make it a habit to set weekly, monthly, and yearly intentions to remind you of the goals and higher-level direction that your working towards. By continually reflecting on all three levels of your intentions you can begin to see how to connect your short-term and long-term goals and actions.

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