Scaling Leadership Starts with You


I’m a bit of a student and fan when it comes to cosmology, sacred geometry and intelligent or natural design. While the vast majority of the content in these fields is over my head, I love the theories, the rich concepts and the elements of design associated with mathematics. Again, I admit I was never brilliant with mathematics; however, concepts and design principles such as fractals, the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Mean show up everywhere in our lives!

One concept known as fractal theory suggests that within intelligent or natural design exists a certain scalability to all things in life. The example of fractals I most often think of is that of a tree. The root system of a tree is comparable in overall shape, pattern, design and scale, and thus at the same “fractal” as the branch system in the crown of the tree. They are not equal in the sense of being the same, but they are related in scale.

If we stick with the tree and look at something smaller yet very similar in shape and design, we could look at one branch or one main root and examine all of the tributary branches or roots coming off of it. Now we have a similar fractal at a smaller scale. Again, they are not the same, but they serve the whole in a similar design.

Let’s keep on the tree. To scale down to yet another fractal, we could examine a single leaf – the similarity of shape and design of the veins that go through the leaf would be similar to the root or the branch system.

Pretty neat … random design? Difficult to imagine.

What’s the intentional design of leadership look like in your organization? Drawing an analogy to leadership in fractals is a bit like throwing a pebble into a pond – where that pebble lands becomes the center of a set of concentric rings radiating from that center point. Scaling leadership starts with you, no matter your positional authority, title or role in any group team or organization.

Self-development starts the scale. Technically, the scale can be viewed from any point within it, but I want to empower you! What are you doing intentionally in your leadership development? What’s in your way and how might you start removing those barriers? Your team comes next -what’s the goal for effective team performance and development?

I think you can see where this is going … next comes your organization, and for purposes of space and time of this blog post, we’ll not focus on your community and the world as the following fractals in this leadership scale!

As corny as it sounds, you are that pebble. Are you ready to throw and make some amazing ripples in your organization?

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