Sod Casting

Sod Casting

Without looking it up, did you know what “sod casting” is?

I first heard the word in a TED talk about leaders who actively broadcast their message from a self-centered, egotistical style. You might know the type … he or she probably has a blog. 😉

I immediately visualized spreading out a new lush green lawn – you know, casting sod. The true meaning was somewhat more negative, referred to in the presentation as behavior attributed to “too much telling” and “not enough asking and listening,” and “too much I” and not enough “we.”

If you Googled the phrase, you likely found another definition having to do with playing loud music in public through a cell phone, which resonates with me also. I’m a little tired of being publicly accosted by other people’s blaring music (sourced from phones or vehicles), those commercial-playing gas pumps and the like. My son tells me I’m getting old and my wife adds that I’m also getting grumpy.

My family is seldom inaccurate with their feedback of me; however, I think what I’m tired of is the lack of respect, awareness, and interest of others – and I’m writing about it today to plead with the great leaders that read our blogs to continue to do great work in your organizations. I’m writing to protest sod casting and to celebrate those who don’t cast sod. Yes, today, rather than offer critique and tips for leading better, I want to congratulate you for leading as well as you do.

Congratulations on connecting with your people. You get to know them as people, fellow humans with lives inside and outside of your organizations.

Thank you for leading by example. You are showing future leaders a better way to lead while you influence and inspire those around you to contribute to what matters most.

Congratulations on creating conversational turn-taking in meetings so everyone involved gets a roughly equitable opportunity for their voice to be heard.

Thank you for growing and developing as a leader and as a person. Keep up the good work, even when it’s very challenging, and keep on making your saw sharper!

I don’t believe most people are intentional sod casters, even the guy that drives by my house in his new Jeep Wrangler with the doors and roof off and his music so loud I hear him coming from two songs away (although his commitment to doing so rain or shine is admirable). I also believe most of us – myself included – would benefit from increasing our self and social awareness. If you want to learn more about ways in which you could do just that, please reach out to me or anyone on the Emergent team. We’d love to talk and drive better leadership with you!

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