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The 3 E’s of Effectiveness


For years I have been influenced and living by Stephen Covey’s definition of effectiveness – getting what you want in a way that enables you to get what you want again, and again, and again. This definition suggests the importance of balancing time and energy in getting results and, even more importantly, in strengthening your ability to get results through developing your overall capacity.

And while I like Covey’s definition, my need to experiment with ideas and concepts that can help myself and others become more effective has led me to the 3 E’s of effectiveness: Enough, Equanimity, Energy.

Any type of creation or manifestation begins with our belief system. And one of the things that blocks effectiveness, performance and engagement is the thought that we are not good enough. The truth is, we are already enough. We are unique individuals created in the image and likeness of source energy, and as such, we are enough just as we are. We may prefer to learn something new or to add a new skill into our quiver, but none of these things are necessary to enhance our inherent self-worth.

In our work with emotional intelligence, we often net out emotional intelligence as simply an appropriate response. This implies we are both highly self-aware and socially aware enough to respond in a way that is right for the situation. We think focusing on equanimity increases your odds of choosing an appropriate response. Equanimity is defined as mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper. Not too high, not too low, not a reaction or overreaction, but a response that allows you to stay centered, grounded, and effective.

Lastly, energy. Einstein instructed us that everything is energy, and because of that we need to be mindful of the things and people in our lives that are energy gaining and energy draining. Another aspect of true effectiveness is bringing our full energy to our most important activities. This means we need to pay close attention to the types of things that reenergize us or drain us. Make a commitment to track and modify your activities from an energy gaining/draining perspective. If you need some help in becoming more effective, please inquire about our one-on-one leadership coaching.

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