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Preference Versus Clinging

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Have you ever really, really, really, wanted something so bad that you could taste it. It seemed to occupy your every waking moment, evolving into an unhealthy attachment that ultimately pushed the item, thing, or person farther away.

This could be said for some of us as it relates to our use of social media. Many of us have learned to cling to the dopamine rush we feel when someone likes our post or responds favorably to our perspective. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that when released into our system, makes us feel rewarded. Sometimes clinging to that feeling causes a sense of attachment that can lead to addiction. That is what some of us periodically experience with social media.

Preferring versus being attached to anything enables us to exist with a feeling of wholeness and being enough, regardless of what happens. We become more grateful for what we have and no longer longing, even though we may prefer, what is missing. This feeling of already being enough and that more is okay, allows us to focus on what is truly essential in our lives.

So the next time you’re lamenting or feeling down because you didn’t get enough likes, keep in mind that you are already enough, more is okay, and preferring something is much healthier than clinging to it.

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