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What is Your Story

What is your story, the story of your life, the reason for your existence?

What is your story, the story of your life, the reason for your existence?

As I sit quietly amidst the background chatter at Quincy Market on a sweltering summer day, I am realizing that our story is less about what we can tell, and more about what we will experience, share, and contribute. Many of us over the course of our lifetime lose our way, primarily because we lose touch with who we truly are – and then get lost even further trying to be what others expect or want us to be, searching for answers in all the wrong places.

Our direction – and consequently our destiny – comes from within and is most easily found when we stop searching, when we realize the only voice we need to listen to is that of our highest Self, the divine inspiration that supports and connects us to all of humanity and beyond. Carl Jung referred to this as the “collective unconscious.” And while these words may be understood intellectually, they do not always translate to everyday life easily. You may be distracted and perhaps even dissuaded by many well-intended people along the way, offering their own interpretations of the collective unconscious. While they may believe they are dispensing their words of wisdom for your benefit, the truth is they are projecting their dreams, regrets, and longings onto you in the process. They are providing their stories, however unintentionally, and often preventing you from creating your own.

So be willing to get quiet and reflect on a regular basis. Take time to create the space for inspiration and intuition, to uncover your path to the collective unconscious and allow it to guide you on the story of your life.

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