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Trusting Our Instinct

Growing Plant

What is it about our instinct or intuitive nudges – those feelings that occur when our brains draw on past experiences and external cues so quickly that our consciousness doesn’t have time to register them – that we just don’t trust? Is it the lack of hard data or could it be our fear of being truly authentic and great?

Second, third, and twenty-forth guessing is like planting seeds in the spring and pulling the plants out by the roots, prior to maturing, to determine if the growth is really taking place. We are doubting a natural process of connection and creation.

This lack of faith happens when we doubt or don’t trust our instinct – we are pulling up our plants before the fruit appears, disrupting the natural manifestation process. Learn to trust and act on your instinct. Get quiet and allow the seeds of greatness to flourish and manifest as they were intended.

The next time you get an intuitive nudge, follow it. You may be surprised at the fruit you bear.

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