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Connectedness in your relationships

connectRecently I have been intrigued with the concept of connectedness. The online definition intrigued me further:united, joined, or linked.

  • joined together in sequence;
  • linked coherently: connected ideas.

We are all connected in our relationships and interactions. Everything we do – every action or reaction – has an effect on all the people around us, even that stranger we interact with today. It’s like the Butterfly Effect – the theory that a flap of a butterfly’s wings can cause a typhoon across the world – but for humanity rather than nature.

I love the following quote; it grounds me with purpose and a sense of why I am here and what I am capable of, in both professional and personal relationships:

“When we recognize that we are all connected, we begin to understand that our life touches more people than we can ever know. The question is not if we are making a difference, but rather what kind of difference are we making?”

– Dennis Merritt Jones – excerpt from the Science of the Mind Article – May 2016.

How do you feel connectedness in your relationships?

Enjoy the day,

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