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Widening YOUR Vision

How could widening YOUR vision improve your relationships?

The Urban Dictionary defines tunnel vision as “Limited vision, as in seeing only your own point of view.” It’s often referred to as being short-sighted, or having a narrow viewpoint. Whether in work situations and relationships, or assessing your own possibilities, talent, development, and potential, do you have tunnel vision? 

In my closest relationships, I am almost always seeing things from my “story,” my own point of view – often wondering, why doesn’t everyone think like I do? If I take a moment to reflect, however, I realize that perspective is indeed short-sighted. Those relationships would benefit immensely if I could, instead, remember to put myself in their shoes – to see through their lens, their vision. And to do that, I have to remember to take off my own shoes first.

How do we do that? How do we get rid of our tunnel vision, so that we can understand other people’s stories and widen all of our possibilities, talents, and development? We are continually learning that we do not have to go it alone – and that being an individual contributor is neither as fun, nor as productive.  Working with a team, on the other hand, is both. When we can look outside our tunnel vision, we realize that our individual talents can combine in wildly successful ways – in our businesses, in our families, in our lives.

I love the saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and I would take it a step further: it takes a village to be a leader. Widen your vision, and surround yourself with a great village. I have learned to do that, and I am so grateful for all of them.

Where are your talents, your gifts? When is the last time you looked, or even believed you had any to share? Where do you need to “widen the vision” of possibility? The sky really is the limit … once you can get out of your tunnel!

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