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Are You Molding New Ideas?


One of the processes that I discovered in conjunction with Jay and Bryan Morgan of Dynamic Health & Fitness is the M3 process, which is a wonderful concept for spiritual, mental, and physical renewal.

M3 stands for Melt, Mold, and Move. As we recycle old ideas and practices that no longer work for us, we are essentially melting these ideas down and returning them to their basic elements. Then we redirect or reuse this energy to mold new thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that move us closer to our wholeness.

This renewable process begins with us returning to nothingness, a state where we are completely free of any and all thoughts. We can reach this state by focusing on slowing down our breathing and suspending the rampage of thoughts, consequently enabling us to relax into our core self, or center of source energy. It is from this point where we are able to melt down “old” judgments or baggage, and then recycle their energy to mold new ideas that are more resourceful for us, help us feel better, and align our behavior with who we truly are.

Mentally, we can mold new thoughts through the use of intentions and positive affirmations. We know that whatever we focus on expands and is attracted to us – therefore the molding process provides with the freedom to choose each point of attraction we want to show up in our lives.

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