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Leadership that Soars

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“Gifted leadership occurs where heart and head – feeling and thought – meet.  These are the two wings that allow a leader to soar.” – quote from Primal Leadership, Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence”, Daniel Goleman.

I believe there’s a natural tendency in all of us to lean more into the thought of leadership, leading from the head, and not so much from the heart, feeling side.  Our heart will most likely reveal our vulnerabilities.  OMgosh, how could someone be an effective leader if we share feelings?!

I recently had a conversation with an executive who I consider a great leader.  He told me that in front of over 100 employees and colleagues, he admitted his gremlim – the internal voice in all of us that says “I’m not good enough”.

I received an email from a leader of a non-profit reporting about her experience visiting with particpants of one of the organization’s programs.  She wrote about how her heart was filled with joy and how inspired she felt after attending.

Over lunch with a friend who is a leader in the banking industry, he shared his belief that the best way to become a strong leader is to truly understand what motivates people at their core, from their heart.

Here are three successful individuals who are spreading their wings, leading with heart and head, feeling and thought.  I’d love to hear more stories about how leaders are spreading their wings.  Would you share your story?

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