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Whatever it Takes

I was having a conversation with a client recently regarding the topic of initiative. We were wondering about the ways in which we could create conditions by which people would take initiative. We kicked around a lot of ideas when it occurred to me that what I am looking for in people is for them to do whatever it takes.

Often when we think of doing whatever it takes we immediately go to working longer or working harder. And while that certainly can be the answer in some situations, doing whatever it takes, means just that. It is doing whatever is necessary for you and the situation that moment in time.

It could mean working late to meet a deadline, or leaving early to make a commitment you made to one of your loved ones. It could mean sleeping-in or getting up a few hours earlier. Maybe it means taking your full vacation this year or at least being willing to take a few days or a few hours off to gain the necessary perspective. It might mean asking for help or reaching out to someone who is in need of help.

It does not come with any pat answer, but is adaptable to the situation that is right in front of us at this time. It knows no rules or authority, the task or the relationship becomes the boss. Set the intention to do whatever it takes and trust your values and your intuition to guide you appropriately.

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