Leadership Behavioral Analysis LBA II®

This highly researched instrument provides leaders with feedback on how they perceive their leadership style, or 360º feedback that compares self-perceptions of their leadership style with those of their boss, colleagues, and direct reports.

The LBAII is an excellent tool for understanding perceptions of one's style by revealing what direct reports actually experience —often an eye-opener for leaders. It presents 20 leadership situations along with four possible responses. Managers' responses to these situations reveal their:

  • Leadership style flexibility
  • Primary and secondary styles
  • Effectiveness in matching the choice of a leadership style to the situation
  • Tendencies to misuse or overuse styles

Most often, we utilize the LBAII in training modules focused on situational leadership and assessing development levels of peers and direct reports. By identifying leadership style preferences and matching styles to development levels, the tool is useful in teaching leaders different ways to manage people and situations.

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