Leadership Agility®

Consistently effective leadership in today’s world requires agility – the ability to take wise and effective action amid complex, rapidly changing conditions. But it turns out that agility is not a single competency. It is a vital capacity that can be channeled into everything a leader does. As leaders become more agile, they become more visionary, more collaborative, more creative, and more proactive in learning from their experience.

Research shows that managers grow through a series of predictable, learnable "agility levels" that are based on well‐documented stages of personal development. The Leadership Agility 360º is the only online behavioral feedback assessment designed to identify where managers are in this developmental process. As managers grow through the following three levels of leadership agility, they evolve from tactical problem‐solvers into strategic managers, and then into farsighted, capacity‐building leaders, always retaining the skills they gained at previous levels.

Research shows that the most effective leaders in complex, rapidly changing environments are those who can operate with consistency at the Catalyst level. High performers tend to “max out” on traditional 360ºs because these assessments focus primarily on the Achiever level. The Leadership Agility 360º is the only feedback instrument that includes the full constellation of Catalyst leadership behaviors, showing high performers, in very specific terms, where they have room to grow.

Because each level of agility correlates with a well‐established stage of personal development, the coaches who are certified to use this assessment understand not only the behavioral changes that take place at each level but also the stage‐related shifts in meaning‐making and intention‐setting that make these behaviors possible. (The stages underlying the instrument’s leadership agility levels are consistent with those articulated in the pioneering work of William Torbert and Robert Kegan, and the Integral perspective of Ken Wilber).

We use Leadership Agility with clients who are looking for “transformational” leaders. Because the agility competencies may appear more complex than those defined in ESCI, this assessment requires an openness to explore a higher level of leadership capacities and competencies. It also requires a more sophisticated ability to discern subtle differences in leadership styles and behaviors.

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