Emotional & Social Competency Inventory ESCI®

The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory tool is a 360º Assessment that provides individuals with feedback from several sources (i.e. managers, peers, direct reports) on their ability to be effective using 12 key competencies associated with emotional intelligence. There is also a self-assessment component of this 360º. The instrument measures both emotional intelligence competencies (those in the self-awareness and self-management clusters) as well as social competencies (those in the social awareness and relationship management clusters).

Unlike abilities or personality traits, which are fairly fixed, competencies can be developed. Thus, the ESCI can be a powerful coaching and training tool to drive development. The ESCI should be used to:

  • Improve interpersonal effectiveness
  • Develop leaders
  • Create more emotionally intelligent and effective organizations or cultures
  • Provide a basis for a development plan for further developing strengths and coaching to gaps
  • Link EI to the strategic direction of the organization

We include ESCI in the “Ground Truth” phase of the majority of our coaching engagements. Once we have established rapport and set some coaching objectives based upon individual and organizational expectations, we use ESCI to expand our clients’ lens through which they view themselves. Often, this assessment provides a foundation on which to build further coaching objectives.

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