Dawn Roller, Associate Vice President of Human Resources, Indium Corporation

We often get asked, "How can Emergent help my team?"

We decided the best way to answer this question is to go directly to those who have experienced it first hand. Check out our Q&A with Emergent Client, Dawn Roller.

Why did you engage Emergent and the TeamFORWARD program?
We had a situation where roles, responsibilities, and communications styles were really getting in the way of us being highly efficient. We had members of the team who had been there a long time and knew how to work with each other without much verbal or written communication, and we had several new members of the team who were still trying to find their way and figure it out. So I engaged Emergent to come in and help us facilitate, and break down those barriers, and open up communication, and define roles, and help people find their path so we could work together effectively as a team.

Problems like that are not uncommon with teams in the workplace.
Often when you think about a team that’s struggling, you think about conflict. Our experience was actually the opposite. We were spending significant time together, working in unison on projects, but we were being so mindful of not hurting each other’s feelings, and not creating conflict, that we weren’t being entirely honest about our personal struggles and our team challenges.

How did TeamFORWARD help with that?
It helped us bring all of that on the table in a really productive way, helped us have those conversations, helped us establish boundaries, helped us establish rules, helped us establish milestones so that we could see progress. The benefit Emergent brought us was that they could see us in ways that we couldn’t see ourselves. We didn’t realize we were doing these things; we didn’t understand what was making us dysfunctional.

Did you see a change in your team’s performance after the TeamFORWARD training?
The biggest change is that we’re able to have crucial conversations with each other without getting emotionally wrapped up and taking things personally. It gave the team a lot of confidence and comfort putting some difficult conversations on the table. These conversations brought us closer. By the end of the day we were aligned, we made progress. We have redesigned the way we function. We have redesigned the way we schedule our time. We have redesigned how we spend our team meetings. We have redesigned our reporting. All of that is an outcome of the engagements we had with Emergent.

Aside from improved team performance, what else did you like about TeamFORWARD?
The training that Emergent provided was really customized for our needs. They did a great job helping us identify what our shortcomings were, what our challenges were, and deploy methods and trainings that were specific to our team’s needs. Emergent’s programs are sophisticated and customizable, and that’s one of the draws for us. They’re able to draw from their plethora of experiences to offer different kinds of suggestions and approaches tom improve the person or the team.


of employed Americans are disengaged.


of people that end up quitting do not quit their job, they quit their boss.


of the workforce know about their company’s goals, strategies, and tactics.


of employees who plan to leave within the first year cite feeling “disconnected” to the organization.

Strategic, Customized & Transformative

TeamFORWARD is a strategic framework for team development that provides focused performance improvement, increased engagement, and sustained transformation.

Starting with organizational discovery, the Emergent team, and your leadership team, work together to assess performance and ascertain need in specific team-dynamic areas. This allows us to identify key pain points that need addressing and allows us to provide your organization with a strategic, customized development roadmap for sustained improvement.

TeamFORWARD focuses on key areas of development including:

  • Improved alignment
  • Strengthened engagement
  • Cultivating trust within teams
  • Increased follow-through
  • Improved communication
  • Making meetings more productive

Team Performance Drives Organizations

With TeamFORWARD, Emergent helps organizations determine the roadblocks to team performance and provides a roadmap along with the coaching necessary to build trust, create alignment, and improve performance.

Whether it’s a functional team, a team of managers, or a project team, people get most done when they work together effectively. Team performance and productivity can suffer if a team is not working well together. Everyone can perform at a higher level if they work as unified well-oiled team. Effective team coaching and consulting can take your team to the next level.

Key Areas that Often Need Addressing

  1. Improving Goal and Mission Alignment:
    Increase inter-team support and rapport.
    Help teams engage with the “Why”.
    Provide a foundation for better team spirit and engagement.
    Prepare a team for organizational change.

  2. Strengthening Engagement:
    Ensure all voices are heard.
    Build a structure for sustained team engagement.
    Identify and set clear performance benchmarks.
    Develop a culture of dialogue and support.

  3. Cultivating Trust Within Teams:
    Address a lack of trust or lack of effective collaboration.
    Promote healthy debate and open dialogue.
    Develop your team’s comfort with conflict.
    Encourage opposing views to be aired openly.

  4. Increasing Follow-Through:
    Create a culture of accountability.
    Reduce ineffective communication.
    Improve clarity of requests.
    Increase commitment to actions ratio.
    Identify and reduce unhelpful team silos.

  5. Improving Communication:
    Enhance individual emotional intelligence.
    Improve inter-team and inter departmental empathy.
    Increase team and self-awareness.
    Reduce emotional and cultural conflicts.
    Reduce time spent counseling employees.

  6. Making Meetings More Productive:
    Improve meeting prep.
    Reduce time lost due to ineffective meetings.
    Improve assessment of meeting necessity.
    Improve meeting goal and role definition.
    Ensure greater contribution from whole team.
    Fix a “Too much discussion. Not enough action” challenge.

Customized Fit with Legacy Programs

You may already be engaged in team development initiatives, some of which may have produced some results. At Emergent, we pride ourselves on our level of customization and where needed, programs and approaches can be adapted to integrate with existing or past development initiatives to make sure we’re building on past successes and ensuring synergy and consistency of language.

Customized to Succeed.

Emergent provides clients with an experience like no other, because we tailor our programs to meet your exact needs. We stay on top of all the latest practices and we believe in continuous learning – that way, we’re able to stay ahead of the curve and provide you with solutions that are innovative, thorough and with your current workforce in mind. Our expert trainers are certified executive coaches with the experience you need to help reach your goals. And, we’re able to adapt to your needs – we meet you where you’re at, and help you grow from there.

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