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In our Driving Leadership series, we sit down with the incredible leaders of our community to hear their unique stories and leadership journeys. From overcoming challenges to celebrating successes, these conversations reveal the heart and soul of our local leaders.

Discover the wisdom, inspiration, and vision that shape Central New York. Tune in to see leadership in action and connect with the stories that drive our community forward.

Jennifer Keida, Standard Heating, Cooling, and Insulating

Discover how an artist turned CEO is revolutionizing the HVAC industry and nurturing a culture of happiness. In our latest episode, Jen Keida, CEO of Standard Heating, Cooling, and Insulating, shares her incredible transformation from a fine arts graduate to leading a multimillion-dollar family business. Learn about her unique employee benefits, community impact, and how she’s painting a brighter future for everyone involved. Don’t miss this inspiring story of creativity and leadership. Tune in now to hear Jen’s vision in action!

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