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Organizational and team relationships are difficult to define. We can help.

Six weeks of short asynchronous content three times a week focused on insights and behavior change.

Remote, on-site, hybrid, intact teams, individual contributors…nowadays, there are so many ways to work. Most development approaches are too narrow to be effective.

The Performance Experiment experience is specially designed to increase the effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations no matter how they work–whether as a cohesive team, a collection of individuals, or somewhere in between. What we teach is transferable to all situations, and will create sustainable momentum in individual, team and organizational effectiveness.

The themes and topics are many. The form and structure are essential. From Teamwork to Leadership, allow us to guide you in choosing the right focus for your organization!

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Success is the product of daily habits, not once-in-a-lifetime transformations.

– James ClearAtomic Habits

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Participants identify one insight and intention to guide their behavior each week.

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A motivational quote followed by a journaling practice intended to increase self-awareness.

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Reflection questions to self-assess successes and opportunities for improvement.

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Accountability and Learning Sharing

Participants share their intentions, successes and opportunities for improvement with the group.

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Coaching/Group Learning

Focused attention on the behaviors and skills to support outcomes that matter most.

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