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The 3 M’s – Melt, Mold, and Move

About 15 years ago, Jay Morgan, my good friend and personal trainer, told me about the 3 Ms: melt, mold, and move. He learned this concept from one of his mentors, Gary Gray of the Gray Institute. Jay is a wizard when it comes to designing workout routines, but his true genius is in the integration of healthy and holistic mindsets into all the programs he creates. I immediately began to think about the implications of these concepts for mental and personal development.

When we melt, we relax the stiffness and rigidity of our bodies so that we can execute the movements of our exercise routine. This stiffness manifests in our mental and emotional lives as anxiety, fear, comparison, and judgment. Often in personal training, the trainer facilitates the melting away of strain, lactic acid buildup, and scar tissue through deep muscle stimulation. Increased circulation and tissue regeneration prepare the athlete to perform his or her workout. On the mental, emotional, and spiritual side, meditation can provide this melting effect. By getting still and quieting the mind we become centered, loosening the grip of competition, comparison, and craving. We create the space for intuition, insight, and inspiration. This is probably the most essential step that each of us can take to begin the day.

A mold is a hollow container used to give shape to material. When we mold, we influence the formation and the development of an intended outcome. So, after we allow the noise, friction, and interference to melt away, we can mold ourselves in the image of our full potential. From this centered place of everything and nothing, we can intentionally align with our true self and realize the unlimited possibilities before us.

Finally, after we have melted away the scar tissue of the past and intentionally molded our desired outcomes in the present, we are ready to move in the world. Moving is about executing a plan that supports our intentions while also providing the space for renewal and creativity.

If you are committed to learning practices for consistently melting, molding, and moving in the direction of your dreams please, send me an email at I’d be happy to guide and support you on your journey.

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