The Wonders of W’s


As many of you know, I like to play around with both letters and numbers to come up with catchy and easy ways to remember essential productivity hacks. Inspired by Craig Van Epps recent blog post on P’s in a Pod, I’d like to introduce to you the Wonders of W’s.

The first W is Wake up. Stop sleepwalking through life. Pay attention to the things that light you up and energize you, as well as the things that trigger and drain you.

Become a professional Waiter – someone who is detached from the outcome. Be patient and trust the process of life. Recognize that in every challenge or delay lies the seed of equivalent benefit.

Drink enough Water. Our bodies are 70 percent water, and water is a good reminder to us to go with the flow – don’t resist the current.

Walk. Movement exercises both the body and mind. Spend time in nature and be inspired by the perfection of how things unfold.

Practice Win/Win. Make sure that every interaction results in mutual benefit. If all parties don’t win, the solution is not sustainable.

Become Worry-free. Eliminate “if only” and “what if” thinking. This type of thinking takes us out of the present moment and keeps us stuck in the past or paralyzed by the future.

And, of course, Wash your hands so you can stay Well!

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