Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister was a British middle-distance athlete and neurologist who ran the first sub-4-minute mile. He did so after being told it couldn’t be done.
Who is your Roger Bannister, the person who makes the impossible seem possible to you? And how can you start becoming your own Roger, thinking bigger and embracing possibilities from the perspective of growing and learning?
Recently I’ve been experimenting with four mindsets which I believe are foundational to experiencing a fulfilling life and which are inherent in our leadership development coaching process. They are the mindsets of possibility, growth, curiosity, and responsibility. How can you apply these mindsets?
  • Remember; if it’s possible in the world, it’s possible for you. Don’t limit yourself and your life experiences by thinking and playing small. Think bigger, get into action quicker, and be delighted with the opportunities that each and every moment presents to you.
  • Trust in yourself, realizing that the only thing to get from life is the growth that comes from experiences with which you are fully engaged.
  • Find ways to tap into and channel your “inner 4-year-old,” releasing your learned fears and limitations and replacing them with a rekindled sense of wonder, innocence and curiosity.
  • Accept that you are response-able, capable of transforming yourself and the world around you, genuinely knowing and owning your innate greatness.
We don’t need to run a sub-4 mile to develop the mindsets needed to do so. We can develop them in our everyday lives, while becoming the best leaders, world citizens and individuals we deserve to be, even if – especially if – we’ve been told it can’t be done.
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