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The 12 Days of Leadership – Day 3


On the third day of leadership, my coach gave to me;

Three Things To Be Grateful For
Merriam-Webster defines “gratitude” as a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible.

Family, friends and good health may be an obvious top 3, but let’s mix it up a bit!

  • The ability to choose: We are a product of our choices and the outcome and results of how we behave in our choices.
  • Role models: We don’t have to experience or know it all to succeed if we’re vulnerable enough to observe, listen and apply! Let’s learn from the greatness – and “mistakes” – of others.
  • The ability to connect and relate: what a lonely, cold world this would be without the ability to connect with others. I am grateful that we are social creatures!
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