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Leadership Development – How Emergent Helps You Create Change

With the onset of technology, changes in society and new workplace ideals and attitudes, the business environment has changed greatly in just a few years. As a leader at your company, you may be faced with feelings of uncertainty. While you might feel confident that you can manage your workforce, you might not feel quite as comfortable that you can do so effectively and successfully. What makes a great leader, and how does that leader act as a catalyst for growth and high performance?

Leadership development can help. We have learned that great leaders do much more than simply manage people. They look at themselves – and the people who work for them – on a holistic level. They create dynamic, effective teams and encourage accountability, and above all else, they continue to learn and grow themselves. In an article by Mike Myatt on, the author discussed why leadership development often fails. The author indicated that much of what is presented as leadership development is actually training. He said training and development have unfortunately become synonymous, and they are, quite simply, not the same at all.

Myatt said training tends to be one directional, one-dimensional and encourages authoritarianism. Leadership development, on the other hand, is founded in coaching and mentoring. Myatt said, “Where training attempts to standardize by blending to a norm and acclimating to the status quo, development strives to call out the unique and differentiate by shattering the status quo… Development is nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and above all else, actionable.”

How does Emergent support your growth as a leader?

At Emergent, we strongly believe in leadership development. We realize every person we work with is on a different path, and on a different place in his or her journey. We know that there are no two circumstances that are alike, and therefore we create customized programs that focus on you as a leader – your company, your growth, and your own unique situation.

One of the ways we help people on their path to successful leadership is through our Emergent Leader workshops. At these workshops, we help participants acquire the five fundamentals of an Emergent Leader, which include leadership presence, clear communication, leadership agility, team building, and driving performance. Upon completion of this leadership development course, participants will have:

  • A personalized vision of the characteristics that will lead to leadership greatness and an action plan that identifies the gaps and how to fill them;
  • A strong understanding of the best practices in a) communicating clearly, b) demystifying the real way to listen, and c) achieving confidence in having difficult conversations;
  • The ability to identify others’ working styles and preferences, and how best to work with people who are different from themselves;
  • A strong appreciation for what drives high performing teams, and the knowledge to both strengthen trust within the team and create a vision that unites all members of the team;
  • The skills needed to drive performance: coaching others, managing appropriately to another’s competency and motivation, and using feedback to encourage strong performance in others.

How can you participate in an Emergent Leader workshop?

The next Emergent Leader workshop will be held in the Utica, N.Y. area on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 through Thursday, August 24, 2017. For your convenience, you can sign up for this workshop directly on this website. Click here for more details and to register.

The Emergent Leader program is just one of the ways Emergent can help people achieve their leadership development goals. We are always excited to work with people who want to grow as leaders in their work, in their personal lives and in their community. To learn more about our programs, please feel free to contact us. We would love to speak with you. You may reach us by using our convenient online contact form, or you may call us for more information at (315) 635-6300. We look forward to helping you succeed.

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