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Internal GPS

I was intrigued recently when I heard someone pose the question, “is google making us stupid”? My first inclination was to say no, of course not. I was thinking that it provides an opportunity for many people to access information and resources rather easily and quickly. I was having a hard time seeing the relevance of the question. However the more I thought about it, and then considered the increased usage and dependence on GPS for direction, I couldn’t help but think that it may be possible.

The easy access of many of these technological tools, while helpful, may also prevent many of us from accessing our own internal technology of intuition and insight. It may cause us not to hear or develop the internal GPS which is our overall connection with Source and the collective unconcsious.

So what to do? I think that the word moderation is an effective guidline and tactic for not becoming overly dependent on technology, consequently limiting our ability to figure things out on our own. Additionally, moderation creates space for us to activate our internal GPS and direct us towards things and opportunities that technology is unable to connect us to.

Don’t unplug! Just make sure you are tuning in to your inner guidance system frequently enough to be truly inspired and guided.

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