Simplify Your Life

I recently participated on a panel discussion regarding the topic of creating balance in what was described as a very busy and hectic world in which we live. I created a bit of a buzz when I suggested that most stress and “out of balance” sensations are self induced. I believe that statement to be true.

Often times because we  are unclear of our purpose and passion, we are tempted to try to be all things to all people. We cover up our fears by throwing ourselves into all types of activities, and compound the problem by allowing technology to own us instead of serving us.

The solution, while difficult for some, is fairly simple. Simplify your life by stripping away all of the nonessentials. Non- essential things could be anything that we have that we have not looked at in a year. How many of you are renting or building extra storage space to keep your stuff? Non essential relationships could be any and all relationships that are energy draining.

Make time to create a list of essentials and nonessentials in your life. Have the courage to decide to eliminate many of these nonessential things and relationships, and notice what happens to your energy and stress levels.

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