Planting Seeds of Success

Spring time means planting, and planting leads to a harvest. As you reflect upon your life and your leadership, what seeds of success would you like to plant today for a future harvest. As as you think about your intended outcomes, the harvest, also give thought to the conditions required for growth.

How will you tend to the soil of your mind and your soul? How can you best prepare the soil to receive your seeds? How frequently will you water your seeds and trust the process of growth, by patiently awaiting for the laws of nature to go to work?

How will you protect your seeds against adverse weather (other people’s opinions or judgments)?

What regular practices do you need to adopt and integrate until your daily routine to yield your desires?

So remember to plant some seeds today, but also remember to commit to the practices of preparation, watering, energy, and faith, as you manifest your dreams.

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