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INFICON has partnered with Emergent for many years, and their Emergent Leader Program is a great example of one of their high-quality programs. We have our 5th group of individuals participating so far in their public program and are very pleased with what we are seeing. All of this in the midst of COVID really showed that their virtual programs are successful and engaging for our participants. Participants liked the interaction with individuals from other companies, and said it added to their experience to have outside perspectives.

About a month after they complete the program, we ask participants to report out to the business leadership team on the following:

  • Key learnings and how to sustain them
  • Three declarations for their Values as a Leader
  • Action Plans
  • Their “ask” for support going forward and ideas on how to keep the internal group connected
  • Ideas on how to keep the internal group connected

Participants have all enthusiastically shared their information, and some have really wowed us with their presentations. Best of all, we are seeing past participants help mentor newer participants, and the list of proposed participants continues to grow. Seeing examples of the concepts they have learned showing up in our daily business is a win for INFICON!

We have gotten great reviews of the facilitation and coaching involved in the program and are excited to continue offering it to our current and future leaders.

Sue Magari
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