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We recently engaged in a team retreat (truly an “Advance” – not a retreat!) and had the pleasure and privilege of Bill Berthel serving as our facilitator. As a uniquely blended team (12 local members and 6 members living in other cities/regions), I felt it imperative to focus on the CliftonStrengths Assessment for all teammates in order to better understand how to leverage our strengths to maximize our productivity, increase our efficiencies, and have a good time doing so!

I’m so pleased to share that Bill was truly exceptional! I’ve sat through various retreat-like sessions over the course of my career, and I can honestly say – he is the best of the best! Bill was so genuine with all, which instantly provided a safe haven. That environment is something we all seek during conversations about self-improvement/team improvement, and how the individuals create the culture – not the organization. He challenged us to think about things differently, while checking our own perceptions, which, most likely, were not accurate. We could have easily spent three more hours together discussing the team, our working relationships, and our strengths. I’m not going to look any further for our Team Advance next year; Bill, the job is all yours!

If you want to engage in real dialogue, move the needle with and for your team, while having a great time doing it – please consult with Emergent and Bill Berthel. You will not regret that decision!

Sue Ballard Syracuse University
Sue Ballard
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