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I wanted to share that the experience I had with Emergent still carries with me today (from a 2-day workshop to Explore Emotional & Social Intelligence ~2015). The time and training that I did with you and your team are still invaluable to me in my day-to-day job. One of the most important aspects learned was journaling about how I handled difficult situations that came up, both in and out of work. Going into the situation, I frequently remember that I have to answer to the journal and when it is over, enter how well I did in the moment. Frequently, I ask myself, how do I want that journal entry to read? Answering that question often times recalibrates me and my approach before I enter the situation. (BTW, that journal sits to the left of me in my office each day, holding me accountable.)

Mark Burger, Executive Director, OCSWCD
Mark Burger
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