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As a leader who has been through many trainings, attended conferences, and had many on-the-job experiences, I can truly say the past 10 months have been career-changing for me. From the people I’ve connected with throughout the program to the many strategies we have been taught, I feel beyond fortunate to be able to return to my work team and lead with confidence and competence. Cathy, Ralph, Bill, and the Emergent team have helped raise my ceiling as a leader, showing us all how to lead with empathy and love. Their unique program does not focus on the tasks that so many of us are hyper-focused in our respective workspaces, nor does it prioritize profits, working long weeks, or climbing the corporate ladder. Instead, they challenged all of us to become transformational leaders, done only by making a great commitment to ourselves and our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Professionally, I feel more ready than ever to be a leader for my organization. I have learned so much about managing my energy, and polarities amongst my team, and building sustainable habits that allow me to maximize my impact as a change agent. I don’t think I have ever been through an experience that challenged me in such a positive way. Since January, I have been in a constant state of reflection and reinvention. Learning how others perceived me and my leadership through the Leadership Circle Profile, to rethinking the strategies I was using after discussing the many readings we completed, I feel our cohort was armed with all the tools necessary to make informed adjustments as leaders. The distinct advantage in implementing these changes was the coaching sessions, which allowed us to talk through any issues we were having and continue to get the positive motivation to keep pushing forward, even when something didn’t work right away. The most rewarding piece was being able to regroup with the cohort and share our successes, together. I feel so grateful to leave this experience with some great mentors and friends that I know will continue to be a part of my journey with me.

Beyond the strategies shared as working professionals, LeadForward’s greatest impact has undoubtedly been in my personal life. The efficiency I have learned as a leader has allowed me to return home after a workday with renewed energy and motivation to be present with my family. I aspire to impact those I love even more than those I work with, and because of all I have learned in this program, I feel better equipped to do so. Because much of the focus has been on becoming more intentional with my habits as a healthy and happy individual, I feel like I have evolved into the best version of myself, allowing me to fulfill my most important responsibilities: being the best father and partner I can be. Regardless of what life experiences I gain moving forward, I know I will be successful in all of them because of my time in LeadForward.

Jeffrey Eysaman
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