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Making it Stick



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Are you consistently achieving all the goals you set for yourself?

If so, maybe you really don’t need this book!

Making It Stick – 7 Simple Steps to Create Lasting Positive Change – is just that! A concise, easy-to-read booklet that will help you understand what really drives change.

Excerpt from the Book:

“It IS your fault! More importantly, it is your responsibility to do something about it. Everything that you have achieved, struggled with, and been frustrated by is a result of what you believe and have chosen. If you do not like the results – change the thought.”

“Making it Stick” is an exceptional guideline for self-awareness, renewal, and productivity. In this complex and fast-paced world we live in Ralph Simone provides simple, yet powerful, themes that allow us to connect to our higher self, creating a stronger sense of purpose and direction, and tapping into more of who we can be. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from “Making it Stick.”

Price: $4.95
Format: Kindle
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