Pace Yourself


Coming off the big upset at the Kentucky Derby last month, gets me thinking about races and coming from behind. Who does not love to see the underdog win? Maybe you would not be happy if you bet based on the odds that you have researched the horses or which horse has won the most races?

My questioning goes to… Is there a consistent, effortless pace that racehorses have that allows them to sprint in the end to win the race?  I also, look at my work and passion for leadership development and coaching, and in my personal life… do I give myself enough chance to slow down and reflect on areas of improvement in my communication to be more impactful?

Below are a couple of tips – Remember self-awareness is your superpower!

  • Become more aware of your pace and intensity in specific settings
  • Know when to speak, when to listen
  • An attunement of our rhythm to the rhythm of others
  • Matching or Mirroring tone of voice

Reflections for Pacing

  • When do I offer my opinion – right away, after I get a gist of the conversation, only when asked? Why is that?
  • How often do you repeat your point of view?
  • How patient are you with the discussion? How long can you keep the conversation going without going for closure?
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