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It is Not the Speed, but the Direction


How many things can help us move faster? Faster internet, faster planes, fast cars, faster products to help us clean, study, and lose weight. But with all of the things that are taking us places faster, are we even going in the right direction?

Life can move at a very fast pace, and studies have shown that for all of us who say that we do not have enough time, we actually have a lot more free time than any other generation before us. The difference is that we have more activities to fill our time than ever before. We feel stressed to be everything and do everything.

What would happen if we slowed down and took time to reflect on the direction that our life was going in, just to see if it’s even the direction that we want to go in, versus looking at how fast we can go to get everything done? Sometimes it takes something hard in our life like the death of a close friend, or a serious illness in our family, to help us realize what is most important and then take the time to reflect on what we want out of our career and life.

In taking a trip, even if we had access to the fastest car, we still would not get to our destination any faster unless we had the right directions. To truly get somewhere fast, we need to take the time to follow our directions carefully to reach our destination.

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