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Positive Self -Talk: It Starts Here

Positive Self-TalkThink of some of the things you told yourself today. How positive is your self-talk? How productive? I often find that my self-talk is not very productive or positive at all – “Why did you eat that bag of chips? That was not a great idea. Chips are NOT a part of my eating plan!” That kind of self-talk does not help me feel good about my day or myself … or my chips, for that matter, which did nothing wrong.

I have learned that I need to pay attention to that talk, because it can be detrimental not only to my productivity but to my self-esteem. I’m learning to practice a more validating type of self-talk, including using forgiving language – which seems to come so easily with regard to others – when it comes to myself. Multiple theories of communication posit that belief systems follow language, so it makes sense that if want to change a belief system – even about ourselves, our jobs or our relationships – we need to change our language.

I found a great article to share with all of you that lists 15 things that you should say to yourself.

One of the phrases, “You’re good enough, right now, just like this,” resonated immediately with me. What one is your favorite quote from the article? How could you remember to say it to yourself every day? How could a shift in self-talk cause a shift in your life?

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