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What does it mean to be integrated? In our sense, it means we are unified, coordinated, cohesive. Businesses all rely on each member – on integration – to get work accomplished, and even families depend on each of their individual gifts to make the home and family run smoothly. I’ve recently realized that I feel the most satisfied, and experience more happiness, when I have a project at home that all members of the family can contribute to and be involved in. And at work I feel more satisfied when I partner with clients around more effective teamwork to drive performance and help people step into their full potential.

I recently read “Smarter Faster Better” by Charles Duhigg, which includes studies by Google on how teams work and why some teams outperform others.  Interestingly, research shows that it does not matter who is on your team or the individual talents involved; it matters how you work together.

With this in mind, how is your team working at work and/or at home? How do you help each person on your team feel comfortable making mistakes or stepping out of their comfort zone? Where do we need to support each other, so that we can all step into our individual and collective team potential?

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