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Trusting Your Direction

Trust your direction
Recently, I’ve noticed that I have been using my GPS or navigation system on my phone more frequently. Even when I know the way, I engage the navigation – just in case there is a faster way. And I engage it even if I know that faster way, because there may be an even newer, quicker way.

In noticing this, I’ve realized that the GPS has started causing me to not trust my instincts and my sense that I can figure it out even if I take a wrong turn. Why am I looking for the quickest or most direct route, and when did I stop believing I could find it myself?

Along those lines, my husband and I updated the maps on our GPS, accounting for road changes and new routes. This prompted me to start using the navigation less often and focus instead on revisiting my instincts a little more frequently, in an effort to learn to trust them again. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to “update the maps,” metaphorically speaking, of our thinking around the direction of our goals? To know that the maps are in place and current should allow us a safety net to test our instincts once again.

What is your global positioning system telling you? Where do you need to update your maps? Where do you need to trust your instincts?

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