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Everything you need to build resilient relationships. . .


. . . you learned in kindergarten!

I love the phrase “common sense is not always common practice.” It is so true! I believe if we thought logically about how we would like to act or show up in our relationships, our actions and interactions would be different. Our relationships would be positively impacted by those logical beliefs – and many of them come from childhood.

This week’s musings are about the common-sense things we learned in kindergarten that still might not be common practice for all of us.

  1. Share everything. Back then, we were taught to share toys. As adults, there is so much more that we can learn to share – including thoughts and emotions. Really communicate in your significant and work relationships. Vulnerability builds trust. How can you share something that builds trust in your relationships?
  2. Be Kind. This was one of the primary rules of kindergarten, and it’s a good reminder that everyone you interact with at work has feelings, families, emotions, etc. – just like you.
  3. Acknowledge your mistakes/retakes. We all make mistakes – even adults. Admit to others when you did not do something that you said you would, or the way you said you would. We all need to have a reset button, an opportunity to focus on retakes so that we can try again and be better.
  4. Be honest. Have you ever spent time with kindergarteners?  They tell it like it is – often whether or not we want to hear it! – and as adults, we need to have that same strength of character. Speak up when you need to, and be honest. Who do you need to have a conversation with?
  5. What would you add to the list ???

Remember – it is all in the little things we do that make relationships resilient!

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