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Does being grateful necessarily mean being satisfied?

Grateful Family

I work with several clients who, immediately after discussing an area of their lives they feel is somehow lacking, delve right into all the things they are grateful for – healthy children, their job, etc. It’s almost as if they feel guilty for wanting more, when in fact it was that very “wanting” which brought them to that place of gratitude. Wanting more out of a relationship, out of a career, or out of life doesn’t mean you’re not grateful for what you have. It simply means your needs, wants and opportunities have changed.

Being grateful is so important – in both relationships and careers – but it does not mean you have to be satisfied with the status quo. It is okay to want more and to believe more is possible. It is okay to look at ways that you can experience more in your career and in your relationships. You can be both grateful and ready for more abundance in every area of your life!

What are you looking for more of right now?

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