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Look for the Joy

The past couple weeks, for many of us, have been smattered with cold and snowy weather.  The heart of winter is here and it is a season of driving slower, trying to stay warm, and dealing with delays.

During the winter season especially, I feel like I need to look for the joy – in the weather, in my life, and my relationships.

Relationships go through seasons, too.  Sometimes we need to create space and time just to be together.  Recently, I began to crave more time at home making meals, working on my home, and spending time together with my special people. 

How would it be to have more time to find the joy in the everyday things like laughter, conversation, and quiet moments? What if you gave yourself permission to take a half hour a day, for example, to seek out the joy? How might it impact the rest of the day – or the rest of the season?

I would love to hear how you find joy.  Please share with me your “looking for the joy” stories.

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