Does Having Ambition Compromise Effective Leadership?

Ralph and Cindy discuss the key characteristics of “selfless leadership” and make six recommendations for how to deal with the paradox of balancing selfless leadership with your own ambition.

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  1. Robert Napoletano on August 11, 2021 at 10:48 am

    Listening to this podcast It validates some of my late career endeavors. As a quality professional for 40+ years I find that my primary goal is to share those years of experience. Something that Bill Berthel said in one of his blogs was realizing that you don’t know it all. putting the two pieces together – 40+ years of experience and still not knowing it all suggest that you need to keep you eyes and ears wide open. This will help ensure that you can share what you know and reach out to others when you don’t know something. Life long learning and sharing make for a successful career.

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