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Have you ever found yourself out of step with your work/life balance?

The problem starts with looking at your life and your work as separate, instead of looking at your work as an expression of your life. The problem is then compounded by technology, working from home, and the general sense of urgency accompanied by next-day delivery of almost anything except items interrupted by supply chain challenges (I recently ordered a pair of dress shoes, primarily because they won’t be delivered until June).

That urgency means we often too quickly jump to the demands of the physical world without taking time to connect to our inner self. This connection provides the context for conscious choice and helps us see how our work is truly an expression of who we are. If we are lacking that connection, we are often out of step.

I am in the twilight of my career, a career that has been very good to me – but a career that was often out of balance because of my belief in the need to work hard to prove my worth. And while that belief stubbornly persists, looking through the lens of work/life integration has helped me immensely in being more centered, peaceful, and joyful.

Work/life integration is finding the rhythm to the work/life “dance” that allows you to bring your full energy to the activities that matter most, when they matter most. It is about being present, establishing healthy boundaries, and consciously choosing where to invest your energy and attention. It is based on love, not fear, and looks at both work and life from a much broader perspective.

Set an intention for effective work/life integration. Pay attention when you feel your energy and ability to remain present waning. Take action by experimenting with meditation, journaling, guidelines for email, work hours, and working from home. Pay attention to key stakeholders to make sure you are focused on what matters most to them when it matters most to them. Adapt these practices when you are feeling out of sync to find your rhythm to the work/life dance.

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  1. Nick Dimitrijevski on April 19, 2022 at 9:13 am

    Great article Ralph. Staying grounded is key.

  2. Mark Fuller on April 19, 2022 at 9:18 am

    Well discovered and said. Reminder appreciated.

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