12 Days of Leadership – Day 7


On the seventh day of leadership, my coach gave to me –

Seven Days of Renewal

On the seventh day of leadership, our gift is seven (yes, SEVEN!) full days of renewal…that’s it! One week of vacation bliss. And it will go by fast; in fact, if you are working at the cadence of most leaders we know, it takes anywhere from 48-72 hours just to start feeling anything close to relaxation. People are checking email and texts when no one in the family is looking. Not this time. For seven days, unplug, turn off email, turn off phone notifications, and give yourself a week of complete downtime and renewal. What do you do when your gas tank is empty? You fill it up. So, stop using gas without refueling. Block off those seven days of renewal in 2022 right now. It’s your choice. (See Day 3 of 12 Days of Leadership)

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