12 Days of Leadership – Day 5


On the fifth day of leadership, my coach gave to me –

Five Stretch Goals

Think about this quote: “The biggest rewards in life are found just outside your comfort zone.” (Jack Canfield) When was the last time you took this step – the step just outside your comfort zone? How have you stretched yourself in the last 30 days? On this fifth day of leadership, stop what you’re doing right now (well, after you read this post 😊) and create one stretch goal for each of the five areas below. A stretch goal is a deliberately challenging objective that 1) has a good probability of success with intentional and focused effort that’s outside your norm and (2) excites you such that just thinking about a successful outcome compels you to begin right now.

  1. Physical health (stop or start something)
  2. Learn something new
  3. Strengthen a relationship
  4. Declutter a certain space at home or work
  5. Replace a negative habit with a different behavior
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