12 Days of Leadership – Day 9


On the ninth day of leadership, my coach gave to me

Nine Creativity Tips

Creativity fuels innovation and gives us new ways of thinking and problem-solving. Try these 9 tips to help fuel your creativity.

  1. Put a small pad of paper and a pen on the table next to your bed—capture all your initial thoughts right when you wake in the morning.
  2. Drive time – go quiet. You will be amazed at what you come up with.
  3. Use a fun writing utensil – it works!
  4. Share a challenge with a stranger – it’s a totally different perspective.
  5. Think about how your favorite movie character would achieve a tough goal.
  6. Got a tough problem? Think about it in the shower.
  7. Wanting to write something creative? Talk it out first and record it on your cell phone.
  8. Get an adult coloring book and color (yes, they are really called “adult coloring books”). Just try it. It’s relaxing and ideas will come from nowhere!
  9. Looking for new ideas: ask a 15-25-year-old. They’ve got tons!
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