Manifesting Your Intentions


How does manifestation occur?

We believe that manifesting anything in life starts with a vision of what could be. Our visions are simply an “out-picturing” of our purpose and passion, and in order to manifest consistently, these visions are supported by clear intentions.

A clear intention is something that elicits a feeling of joy and fulfillment and leads to inspired action. Intention is the feeling and deeper “why” behind or underneath what we want to accomplish. It is different from a goal in that it is focused on the present moment and how we want to feel during the journey. Intentions are more holistic than goals in that they integrate mind, body, and soul.

Intentions lead to inspired actions which will help move us closer to our vision and goals. However, they are not attached to outcomes; intentions are more about who we are being and our deeper meaning or purpose. An intention offers us the opportunity to be our best at any given moment, and it is something we plan to do regardless of the outcome.

After making a strong commitment to intention(s), we need to pay close attention to what we pay attention to on an ongoing basis. We must notice what distracts us and where we are directing our energy most of the time. Higher levels of self-awareness enable us to make conscious choices and to redirect our attention to the deeper, more important intentions that are guiding our lives.

And lastly, manifestation requires allowing a level of receptivity that draws to us all the things that help us manifest our needs.

Vision + Intention + Inspired Action + Attention = Manifestation 

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