The 12 Days of Leadership – Day 1


This holiday season, we are once again sharing our version of the 12 Days of Christmas, with a focus on leadership. This year, however, we are expanding on each day. These gifts, when internalized and integrated, lead to increased levels of effectiveness and transformation.

On the first day of leadership, my coach gave to me;

One Compelling Vision
The first gift we want you to have is a compelling vision for your leadership. What attributes define your genuine leadership? How will you make a difference (and real difference!) in your leadership? When the leading gets tough, what’s the one thing you absolutely, hands down, will do – and won’t do? Take some time right now to pick the five words that describe you as your very best leader.

On the second day of leadership, my coach gave to me;

Two Minutes of Mindfulness
Practicing mindfulness – quieting our minds at the beginning of our day – creates the “space for grace.” We get the double benefit of being inspired through intuition as well as noticing when and how we get distracted throughout the day. Effective leaders who scale their leadership commit to at least two minutes of mindfulness each morning.

On the third day of leadership, my coach gave to me;

Three Things To Be Grateful For
Merriam-Webster defines “gratitude” as a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible.

Family, friends and good health may be an obvious top 3, but let’s mix it up a bit!

  • The ability to choose: We are a product of our choices and the outcome and results of how we behave in our choices.
  • Role models: We don’t have to experience or know it all to succeed if we’re vulnerable enough to observe, listen and apply! Let’s learn from the greatness – and “mistakes” – of others.
  • The ability to connect and relate: what a lonely, cold world this would be without the ability to connect with others. I am grateful that we are social creatures!

On the fourth day of leadership, my coach gave to me;

Four Core Values
We value what we do and do what we value. Be intentional about how you use your energy by making conscious choices based on your four key values. Take some time to reflect and select the four values that most effectively guide your choices. Use these values in planning how you will invest your energy throughout the year.

On the fifth day of leadership, my coach gave to me;

Five Stretch Goals
Think about this quote: “The biggest rewards in life are found just outside your comfort zone.” (Jack Canfield) When was the last time you took that step, or reaped that reward? How have you achieved a stretch goal in the last 30 days? Remember, a stretch goal is a deliberately challenging objective that has a good probability of success with intentional and focused effort that’s outside your norm, which, just thinking about that successful outcome, excites you to begin right now. Stop what you’re doing and set one stretch goal in each of the five areas below.

  1. Physical health (stop or start something)
  2. Learn something new
  3. Improved relationship
  4. Declutter a certain space at home, work, or in life
  5. Change a negative habit
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